Aproko Hour Live with Viva Naija Radio 2nd Dec 2016

With Rachel

It’s another week and we get to tackle the good, the bad, and the downright ugly or hilarious news coming out of Nigeria, UK and the world in general.

It is safe to say that this week, trailer jam person and the victim was CHILL! I am not joking when I say Nigerians are #ChillDeficient and it became apparent this week!


  1. TOKE MAKINWA AND THIS BLASTED BOOK! So, the book is out, we knew this last week. But it has brought so much division, so many comments, and even a leaked copy! I have a feeling this will take the whole hour, but we’ll try to keep it short and sweet!


  2. MARIAH CAREY AND HER GANGSTER BEHAVIOUR! Mariah Carey is the gift that just keeps on giving when it comes to Aproko Hour! We already heard that her ex-fiance, James Packer listened to the voice of his ancestors and cancelled the wedding. Then we heard Mariah was reaching for a $50m seperation settlement. Despite not ever having married the billionaire. What we did not know was that the termination of the upcoming nuptials was due to Packer suspecting that Mariah was carrying on with one of her dancers. When did all this yopanyanrin start with Madam Mariah??mariah-carey-and-lover-backing-dancer
  3. mobile-data-usage
    NCC, MOBILE DATA HIKE AND NAIJA FOOLISHNESS: At a time when Nigerians are experiencing grave hardship, the NCC wanted to introduce a hike in data pricing. And they had this brainwave with a decision to give Nigerians 48 hour notice to get used to the idea. Needless to say, ko le werk, but we really need to talk about why Nigerian leaders are so daft.
  4. christmas-xmas-christmas-tree-decoration
    CHRISTMAS IS COMING, MAMA BUY SHOE FOR ME! We have officially entered the festive month! What are your plans y’all?